Computer Based Assessment Platform
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1 Single Answer Questions 24 Show correct answers or not
2 Multiple Answer Questions 25 Specify the duration for tests
3 One-off test 26 Show/hide calculator
4 Repetitive tests 27 Number questions separately or continuously for different subjects in a test
5 Different subjects for a test 28 Pause/re-start a category
6 Each subject in a separate tab 29 Number answers alphabetically or numerically
7 Create a bank of questions for a subject 30 Load questions manually or by bulk upload with Excel Spreadsheet
8 Choose number of questions from a subject for a test 31 Multiple-optioned or boolean type questions
9 Combine subjects to form a test 32 Format your questions with a text editor
10 Shuffle/serialize tests 33 Add images, charts and graphics
11 Shuffle/serialize questions 34 Provide explanations to answers
12 Shuffle/serialize answers 35 Analyze results in tabular or graphical forms
13 Show score at the end or not 36 Non-reset timer even on browser refresh or system shut down
14 Choose number of questions per page 37 View per candidate performance/test history
15 Choose total number of questions 38 Print out results in customized letterhead
16 Set up different schemes 39 Add users manually or by bulk upload
17 Start or pause a scheme 40 Upload photos of users
18 Categorize tests according to categories 41 Verify candidates for offline exam
19 Create unlimited tests for different categories 42 Manually with Exam ID or with a barcode scanner
20 Choose start and end date of test 43 Email test results to users
21 Set a pass mark 44 Auto-save chosen answers in case of power failure
22 Choose grading system (percent or points) 45 Customize header & background
23 Request A Demo 46 Arrow keys navigation